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Your Canine Running Buddy

More and more you see a dog running along with their owner. Many pups love to run, they are always ready for the adventure, and it is great to spend time with them outside.

Here are some tips for you.

Not all dogs are built for running.  Ask your veterinarian if your breed of dog is one that has energy, is obedient, and has stamina. Some dogs may be smaller with shorter legs, while other breeds tend to have breathing problems which make them not suited for the running club.

Practice first with walking.

Dogs love to be on a walk and that time can be used to bring up the pace and then return to your walk. As you progress through speeding up the walking and taking a jog during it, the dog will become more accustomed to the faster pace.  Be sure you are covering enough ground. Aim to hit a mile. Alternate your walking and jogging with the dog, so they get used to the movement. Track your distance on a pedometer or fitness app. This will help you create a plan with your pooch. Don’t start with an all-out run.  Work your way there together. For your dog’s safety keep them on a leash.

Hydration is a must.

But drinking too much water too fast can cause bloating. Be sure that you and your dog replenish with water when you get home. Have a healthy snack then also.

Pay attention to signs that the dog is tired. If the dog stops and refuses to move or the dog keeps moving into your running path, take those as indicators that the dog wants a break.

This adventure is indeed quality time with your furry friend, so cherish it and thank them for joining you.

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