High Fat Low Carb Course

Many people believe that fat makes them fat. Well, I am proof that is not true! I eat a high fat low carb diet. Additionally, carbs are not inherently bad for you. In fact, we need them for energy. However, grains are a source of chronic inflammation for the body. Chronic inflammation not only leads to aches and pains, it is also associated with a number of health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis to name a few.

This 4 week course includes:

  • One 30 minute consult session FREE ($75 per 30 minutes thereafter)
  • Daily inspiration
  • Accountability
  • HFLC education
  • Move of the Day
  • Recipes
  • Support
  • Weekly Live Q&A

You will learn why eating HFLC is a better lifestyle choice, how to implement it without feeling deprived and what to eat in order to improve your health. If you have been lacking in energy, have chronic aches and pains or have been unsuccessful at losing weight this group is for you!

The accountability of a group and support of a coach make all the difference in reaching health and fitness goals. Surveys have found that approximately 80% of people that start working on losing weight at the beginning of the year, quit within 6 weeks.  Do NOT let that be you! By joining a group and having the support of the coach, you exponentially increase your chances of reaching your goals and maintaining results long term.

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