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FINDING BALANCE: Time Management

Published in Today’s Veterinary Practice, Jan/Feb 2018 (Volume 8, Issue 1)

The number 1 reason I hear from my clients about not taking care of themselves is lack of time: that existential, elusive work–life balance. The reality is that we all have the same number of hours available to us in a day. Have you considered how you are spending your time when you are not working?

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What Makes a Good Leader?

Published in Veterinary Team Brief November/December 2015

According to the Veterinary Leadership Institute, veterinary professionals need not only medical proficiency to meet their clients’ changing needs but also the skills and competency to adapt to their evolving roles. To successfully lead a team of dedicated professionals, veterinarians must be more than a walking encyclopedia of medical knowledge; they must be able to empower all team members to maximize their respective roles while integrating clients’ needs and wants. To best meet the needs of clients and patients, veterinarians must be able to work as part of the team.

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