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Working Out Benefits You May Not Know

Working out is a great avenue to health and fitness, but there are some other not always obvious benefits that could be yours too.

Benefits you May Know

  • Strengthen muscles
  • Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
  • Improve your Mood
  • Boost Energy
  • Regulate Body Weight
  • Increase Bone Density
  • Normalize Blood Pressure
  • Strengthen Immune System

Did you Know?

Sharper Vision
According to research in ophthalmology, your fitness workout raises BDNF which is a protein in the brain. This works to impact your retinal cells. That is also linked to benefits like reduced chance of cataracts and glaucoma. Eye doctors warn that it is necessary to wear sunglasses if you do workout outside.

Skin Benefits
Working out and eating clean can help in some skin conditions like psoriasis because of anti-inflammatory action released in the body. Cardio workouts have been linked to the miracle of shedding years off your skin. Again, it is important to use SPF when you take your fitness routine outside in the sun.

Brain Growth
The BDNF produced from fitness also works to enlarge the hippocampus in your brain which is the part of your brain that controls emotions and memory formation. This helps you with decisions and remembering. Research found that strength training increased the BDNF production by over 75%.

Use these benefits as additional motivation to get a good steady workout schedule set and happening!

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