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The Battle Rope Work

If you have not yet experienced the burn from a battle rope workout, you have missed out on a fun, exciting way to burn some calories. Many gyms now have them and avid weight workouts have started to include battle ropes. What are these ropes?

This equipment is not a fad. Using it can provide a total body workout and could be just the change in pace your routine needs to keep your muscle groups from becoming stagnate with the same exercises daily.  Here are some benefits of battle rope use:

Shoulders – Using battle ropes on a shoulder day is a great way to change up your routine and get in some new intensity. Having your shoulders lift and lower the rope, while still keeping contracted throughout the exercise will strengthen and tone the muscle group.  That helps you achieve the sculpted and defined image you want.

Forearms – Having a tight grip and using your wrists and forearms to move the rope up, down, in and out provides a nice burn to this often-forgotten muscle group. For many, forearms are mixed into the routines as a bridge to the next exercise or incorporated into the cool down. With battle ropes, the wrist and forearms are at the center point of the activity and using them can start to add some mass and definition.

Back and Core – Using battle ropes requires good posture and an engaged core. Different exercise motions such as flys or raises with the ropes will target different areas of your back and core muscle groups too. Give the battle ropes a try and start to see a noticeable change in the size and strength of these muscle groups.

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