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Raise a Glass this Summer

Summertime outside by the pool with a nice refreshing beverage and a group of friends sounds pretty amazing. For those of us who like to have our glasses filled with an adult beverage may be assisting in your health plan without even knowing it. Most of us have heard that a glass of red wine can help our heart (which is true but it doesn’t have to be red), but there are a few other benefits to drinking wine in moderation. Moderation is the ultimate key here, and it is important to consult with a doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions or are taking any medications that could not go well with a glass of wine. But in most cases, consuming a small glass of wine in moderation can provide some health benefits that can boost and supplement our nutrition plan.

Health Benefits Linked To Wine Consumption:

  • Healthier Heart

  • Fight Against Lung Disease

  • Fight Against Various Forms of Cancer

  • Lower Risk of Cataracts

  • Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The main ingredient that gives the wine the ability to assist in our nutritional plan is its high level of antioxidants from the grapes. While red wines and white wines use all different types of recipes to change the taste, the fact that the grapes being used contain such nutrients and antioxidants that can be valuable to our bodies. Again, we are not preaching an all wine diet or asking anyone to dive straight to the bottom of a bottle and claiming it will make us the healthiest person we know. But knowing that a particular tasty beverage, when used correctly and in moderation, can help fight such terrible diseases and conditions may help us feel better about popping a cork the next time we have friends over this summer.

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