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Punch Your Way to Your Goals

Many gyms across the country have some form of heavy bag or punching bag. Many of us ignore this equipment either from a nervousness stand point or from not knowing how it could help us. If you are worried about using a punching bag in public, they are carried by most sporting good chains and are usually priced affordably. If you have considered purchasing a punching bag or your gym has a bag, but you are just unsure of its benefits, take a look below for some information.

High Intensity

If you have been using HIIT workouts in your exercise plan, adding a punching bag routine could be a perfect match. Constant foot movement along with throwing punches and kicks for timed intervals can elevate the heart rate and can also be combined with other exercises (jump rope, sit ups, pushups, etc.) to form supersets.

Full Body

If you have never done a routine that includes throwing punches or kicks, it utilizes the whole body. Punches can increase muscle tone in arms and shoulders while helping strengthen our abdominal and back muscles. Again by incorporating moving around the bag, your legs can also get an intense workout and will feel the burn after a solid session.

Stress Reliever

All of us have some form of stress that shows up in our lives from time to time. Maybe it’s work, or maybe it’s a personal stressor but hitting the heavy bag can not only be a great workout but also provide an outlet for releasing that stress. Using the punching bag intensely will also require you to focus on controlling your breathing and heart rate which can help calm your nerves and take out the frustration that has built up.

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