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Preparing Our Meals

Whether you are making a dinner of chicken breast, beef, or vegetables, the taste may change with how you cook the food. That isn’t the only thing that differs with each cooking method. Grilling, broiling, steaming, and even microwaving provide different benefits for different foods.

Let’s talk about different cooking methods so that you can maximize your nutrient intake and make sure that your body receives what it needs from the food.


Perfect for warmer temps, but you will see grilling throughout the year. Grilling is a great option with meals, and there is a great grill flavor for your food as well. Meats remain juicy and tender, while vegetables have a nice crisp texture. Grilling also allows you to consume much less fat than other methods because the fat drips or runs off, and the food does not sit in the excess fat. Grilled vegetables can retain higher amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are ideal for you and your family.


How about an especially fantastic cooking method for vegetables? Steaming keeps taste very close to its natural, raw state. The vegetable fiber content remains high, and cleanup is super easy. All you need is some cookware and water so you can eat a quick nice healthy meal. Steaming can be a great option for fish too.


Another time-saver to use. Broiling is an excellent choice for all types of food. By exposing the food to direct heat, foods cook quickly, and they do not need the amount of oil used in other cooking forms. This helps lower cholesterol levels and reduces the amount of fat you consume.


Some nutrients and vitamins do break down during the cooking process the longer they are exposed to heat when you microwave. By cooking the foods rapidly, fewer minerals are lost, and we are able to reap all the crucial nutrients our bodies need. It is a faster way to cook.

You have choices when you cook.

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