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Playground Workout Routine!

How many times have your kids said they want to go outside and play? Is a trip to the park on the agenda? The park playground can be a great place to get a workout in while the kids have fun!

Start with getting to the park.

If the park is local, you can either walk there or jog there with your kids. If the children are smaller use a stroller or a wagon to increase your level of movement. Older kids will find riding bikes to the park a lot of fun. Can you say cardio?

At the Park

Be sure you are warmed up by stretching before you start. There should be some areas open that you can use at the park.


Do a reverse climb of the slide. This exercise is great lower body work. Start at the bottom of the slide and quickly climb up the whole slide.  Repeat this by doing two sets of 10. Have fun sliding back down the slide each time.


Work in some split squats. With the swing behind you, place your foot on top on the swing. With one leg in the swing bend your leg until it is just above the ground.  Straighten your leg and repeat. Do two sets of 10 on both legs. Great leg work time for you.

Monkey bars

It is your upper body work time. Hanging bicycles are a great place to start. Grab the bars with your palms facing down. While on the bars hanging, alternate bringing your bended knees up to your waist height and repeat.  You can graduate to bring both legs up together or even advance to an “L” frame with your legs are straight. Get your total up to two sets of 10 here also.

Got Benches?

Use those benches for some all over exercise and do some walking push-ups. Plank position with your hands on the bench and push up. Travel down the bench and back for a series of 10 twice.

Another bench workout is using the back of the bench as a stabilizer and holding on to it while you back lunge. Be sure you remember to lunge by stepping back with the opposite leg and then switch. You can graduate to front lunges. Get your two sets of 10 in for your workout.

Don’t forget your Water!

Be sure you have water with you always. In fact, each one of you should have your own special water bottle. Hydration is a good daily habit to have!

Just think how much fun the kids will have, and you will get a good workout in too!

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