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Manage Time to Exercise

If you ever found yourself wishing there were more hours in the day, you are not alone. Are you overwhelmed because your to-do list continues to grow steadily? Do you feel like it is nearly impossible to make time for a short work out each day?

Time management can help here. We always have a big list of things to do. The trick is to move your exercise up the list as a priority rather than entirely off the list. Organize your to-do list so that you spend more time on the things you need to get done and less time on the things that can wait.

5 Ways to Use Time More Effectively

Procrastination – This is a killer! Have you ever counted up the minutes (or hours) you spend on social media or surfing the web? Maybe you think a few minutes in the morning, a few minutes on your lunch, before dinner, after dinner, before bed is not that much. Those minutes add up. You may not realize how that time increases. If you already know you are prone to procrastination, you will need to work harder at trying to dodge it.

Be Realistic – For any task there needs to be an appropriate deadline. Be realistic and do not stretch yourself beyond your target. Be realistic in setting your goals to make the thought of fitting in some exercise time seem more manageable.

Multitasking – Although we are taught that the skill of multitasking is a desirable skill, in reality it just means you are not completely focused on any one task. Your focus is divided between tasks which could hinder your productivity. The popularity of multitasking has changed.

Learn to say no – If you know you are already in a time crunch, do not agree to take on any more tasks or run extra errands. It just sets you up for failure which may lead to additional stress.

Get an early start – According to studies, a common trait shared by most CEOs is that they all wake up early. That allows you the opportunity to either start your day with a great workout or get a jump on the day, which hopefully frees up some time to work out.

A good practice is to make a list of the things you need to get done the night before. That way you have a plan to follow. Prioritizing exercise and keeping it at the top of the list won’t always be easy, but staying on track with your health and fitness goals is important for you.

Not a list person? There are many apps and planners that you can utilize that will help you manage your time. Find the right way to carve space for exercise effectively by securing a system that works for you and then commit to it for you!

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