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Have You Got a Cookie?

How many times have you said, heard, or thought about having a cookie? I mean, just one cookie, right? What is the difference?

Cookies are a good treat. Kids ask for them after school. People bring cookies to work, to parties, and have them in their lunch. You can have a cookie, but how many?

Sugar Cookies
You know them, and many love them. Each sugar cookie is 97 calories, 6g fat, 9g sugar.

Oreo Cookies
An old favorite. Each cookie is 45 calories, 3g fat, 14g sugar.

This Italian treat is popular with some. Each cookie is 90 calories, 6g fat, 8g sugar.

Small and tasty treats. Each cookie is 26 calories, 0g fat, 6g sugar.

French Macaron
These are very fun. Each cookie is 82 calories, 4g fat, 9g sugar.

Holiday favorites are essential also. Each cookie is 76 calories, 4g fat, 3g sugar.

A good tip: Many people substitute half of the shortening, oil, or butter and use applesauce, Just Egg, or prune puree. Using those alternate items is often done when recipes are vegan.

Cookie Time?

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