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Fight Excuses, Stay Motivated

We all have different goals which lead us down different paths to reaching said goals. Each path may contain its particular hurdles or road blocks causing us to create excuses to as why we cannot live up to what we set out to do. Each day may also bring a new, different reason and we need to be able to combat those excuses. If we actually wish to obtain our goals, we must be ready to fight off excuses and motivate ourselves to stay driven.

Too Tired

Probably the most common excuse, being too tired needs to be the easiest excuse for us to beat. If we are busting it in the weight room or through exercise at home on a regular basis, we are going to be tired and/or sore from time to time. But even doing simple, easy paced exercise can increase our energy levels. So, when there is a day where we don’t feel quite like our typical motivated self, try going for a walk, jog or riding a bike a slow, steady pace. Doing so will not only help avoid taking a complete day off but also help our bodies increase energy levels so that we can get back on track with a more intense exercise the following day.

No Time

Another excuse that comes up in most of our vocabularies often, not having enough time to exercise should not derail us from our goals. Utilizing time management techniques is the first line of defense against this excuse. Time blocking and setting aside designated time for your workout so that the day cannot get away from us can help tremendously. Another valuable tool, Beachbody programs are intense, action-packed workouts that can be from the comfort of your own home without requiring much time at all. Erase travel time to and from the gym, erase waiting for machines or treadmills to open up and start maximizing your time and kick that excuse to the curb.

No Results

Frustration occurs when trying to reach high goals. While we did not gain 15 pounds over night, we expect one intense workout to help us lose those same 15 pounds over night. And when we don’t get the results we want (even as far-fetched as they are) we lose motivation and quit. Finding programs that design daily, weekly, monthly goals that are not entirely centered around the scale can help us forget about using the no results excuse again. Try focusing on how you feel, or maybe have you lost inches around areas of your body. Transforming your body does not have to have anything to do with the scale, so finding goals that are meant to create the healthiest version of you is a helpful tool as well.



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