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After Workout Food

Post-workout, your body is still burning calories, so it is important to refuel to increase the afterburn and give nutrients to your body. The combinations of foods that you eat will benefit this process.

Specific pairings of foods can put you on the fast track to burning fat and keep the recovery period for the muscles going without as much residual soreness the next day, often after fitness people eat a post-workout meal. There are good ideas for that meal.

Turkey and Hummus
Use a standard serving of turkey rolled with a few tablespoons of hummus and use a lettuce wrap for a healthy choice. You can also make a sandwich that is more like a full meal for you if it is close to lunchtime.

Eggs and Oatmeal
Oatmeal with a hardboiled egg or fried egg gives your body a good jolt of Vitamin B and protein, which promotes punches up your metabolism and has some muscle repair action.

Some Other Ideas

  • Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Nuts and fruit
  • Cottage cheese with fruit
  • Avocado toast with a poached egg

Find some quick, easy, and tasty combos to refuel and increase the effects of your workout throughout the day.

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