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What People are Saying About Fit DVM

"Following your journey has motivated me in my own journey. I like how you write when you are both on and off and hold yourself accountable. Not everyone is as honest as you are and it can get frustrating for someone like me when I have an off day but when I realize others do too and get back on the next day, it keeps me going. Thank you for helping me with my journey."

Liz Hogan

"You are the real deal. You inspire me because you know from your own experience that our struggle is real, and you are living proof that it is not impossible to overcome. Keep up lighting our fire Laura and thank you for sharing your journey!"

Scarlett Kutch

"You have been an inspiration to me, a mentor, friend and counselor. I fall off and on my programs depending on life and you are always there with a word of encouragement, and friendship, letting me know no matter how far off track I have gotten, I can always find my way back. Watching your transformation and dedication motivates me."

Laura Lawrenz