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Join us for the

5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Get over your cravings once and for all!

In just 5 days you'll go from terrible sugar cravings to feeling amazing!

I'm In, Let's Do This

So What is the Problem with Sugar?

Sugar is labeled as an addiction because it stimulates the brain in a way that is similar to cocaine and alcohol, causing the release of the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

When sugar is consumed in large quantities it has several effects:

• It causes people to eat it, despite the negative consequences like weight gain, fatigue, and moodiness

• Tolerance will develop, and more will be needed for the same effect, this equals cravings

• Some people have trouble functioning without it and have a “stash” available when their energy plummets

It may be difficult to stay on track when the cravings hit – but I will provide emergency fixes and a very detailed and easy to follow meal plan and recipes. With some advanced planning, a trip to the grocery store and a positive attitude, you will come out the other side feeling great!

During this challenge you will get:

  • Menu with recipes for the 5 Day Sugar Detox Challenge
  • Tips on how to avoid sugar at night
  • Tips on avoiding the afternoon slump
  • A sugar alternative guide
  • Real world tips on how to avoid sugar daily
  • Tips on what to do when you feel a sugar craving
  • Accountability and support of others on the journey with you
  • Tons of support from me

AND there is a chance to win $$$!

Each participant will pay $5 to join the group. All those that actively participate will get points that will be used as an entry to win the jackpot!

I'm In, Let's Do This