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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

How many of us knew that March was National Nutrition Month? While we may not get a break from work and the kids may still have to go to school, let’s celebrate National Nutrition Month by starting or ramping up some healthy habits! Yes, we hope to reach a level where every month, every week, and every day our fitness and nutrition is a main focus of in life, but this March let’s use this holiday to springboard into a better lifestyle.

No Eating Out

Some of us may have come closer to mastering the art of meal prepping and for those of us who are working towards our goal to eat cleaner, let’s try eliminating eating out for the month of March. By using a hard time frame, it allows you to set a goal and go for it. Instead of proclaiming “I am going to try not to eat out” and not having a finish line in sight, attempt to start with the month. If we can go the entire month, we can build up to continuing into the next month and so on.

Use Shakeology

If you have not become a Shakeology believer yet, what better time to give it a try than National Nutrition Month? Each bag has 30 servings, which is ideal for a shake each day. So without having to commit past March (which you will once you see and taste the benefits) you can become familiar with a Beachbody staple. If you are already an avid Shakeology user, use March to find at least 1 new Shakeology customer so that they can experience the nutritional value too.

Do Some Research

Use National Nutrition Month to inspire some research and learn about making healthy food choices. Learning about some new foods that you may not be accustomed to can help expand the choices you have for your meals. Knowing about multiple healthy food options enhances your understanding of food and the benefits to your health. The more you know about something, the more likely you will be invested longer. Understanding why things are good for you will assist in your overall and long term health and nutrition goals.

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