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My Favorite Tools 

These tools are the little helpers that can make your work easier and your goal achievable in a shorter time!

Read my recommendation and click on the picture or the button below to try it out.



As a busy professional mom, making the time to workout was a REAL challenge!

I detested going to a gym and felt I was inefficient when I went unless I had a trainer telling me exactly what to do. Over time, that was not reasonable financially either.
Additionally, the extra travel time cut even more time out of my already busy days. Working out at home was the answer to my prayers! All I had to do was look at the schedule for the day, press PLAY and just follow the trainer.

Now I can get a workout in most days in 30 minutes or less, completely cut out travel time, workout anywhere (even while traveling) AND had a personal trainer showing me exactly what to do. As a result, I fell in love with fitness and am in the BEST shape of my life!

No more excuses and all the RESULTS!



When I started my journey to better health, I felt so tired all the time and was hooked on diet soda.

I started drinking it when I was in vet school and couldn’t seem to stop having a can a day. My appetite was out of control and my sweet tooth was horrible! When someone told me that Shakeology would help me I honestly thought it was BS, but at that point I was desperate. My weight kept going up and I was pretty much ready to try anything at that point! Besides, it has a 30 day money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose at that point.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but from the day that I started drinking Shakeology I never drank soda again. It completely cut out my sweet tooth and kept my appetite under control. PLUS it was delicious and was like a yummy treat every day! Shakeology, and the ability to workout at home, are literally what launched me into a new, healthy lifestyle. It was an instrumental tool in helping me take my life back and changed my life forever more!

As someone who grew up obese, didn’t know how to eat right and hated exercise I am now in the best shape of my life and became so passionate about health and wellness that I subsequently became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach!

Shakeology truly is “your daily dose of dense nutrition”!


I began my journey to a high fat low carb lifestyle in March 2016 out of curiosity.

It was more of an experiment because I just couldn’t believe that eating a high fat diet would result in weight loss and a healthier me. I had blood work done prior to starting and repeated it 4 months later. Let me tell you, I was completely SHOCKED at the results! My HDL (“good” cholesterol) went up, my LDL (“bad” cholesterol) went down and my triglycerides (responsible for hardening of the arteries) went down significantly for that short time frame.

Seeing really is believing!

Not only that, my bloating after eating and during “that time of the month” became completely non-existent. I had more energy and felt better than ever! As I delved deeper into ketosis, my research led me to Ketonix.

In order to determine if you are in ketosis, there are 3 methods you can use: urine strips, a breath analyzer or blood test. In my research, I learned that urine strips are not very reliable and blood tests, well, were expensive and not reasonable routinely. Ketonix was the perfect middle man! It is reasonably priced and allows me to know if I am in a ketotic state. It helps tweak my eating so I can maximize the benefits of eating a ketogenic diet (where your body is a FAT BURNING machine) and you can’t beat the price for the increased accuracy. Plus…it is fun to use!





 As a pescatarian eating a snack on the run or while traveling, particularly ones with protein, can be a real challenge. I was elated when I found these little gems in wild caught salmon! They have a variety to choose from and are made with limited, healthy ingredients.

Delicious and convenient; a real find!

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